Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Par for the Course

I bought this book of coupons (how do you pronounce that? it is a running argument in our house) for the kids. When they do something that exhibits exemplary behavior, I reward them randomly with a coupon. So far they've gotten things like a trip to a museum of your choice, chocolate chips on anything you chose, an extra one of something that you've been told enough of, etc. Tonight, Migc used his birthday cake complete with birthday candles coupon. So we had birthday cake! We even sang him happy birthday. It was fun!

I also made 8 meals tonight. I'm part of a group of moms in the Wichita area and some of us are doing a meal co-op. So, I made 8 sloppy joe casseroles and tomorrow, I will take them and get 8 different meals from 8 different people. That's kind of exciting to me!

Did I mention that Justin is off playing Army boy? So, yes, I made 8 meals, plus a birthday cake and icing (I made my own). That doesn't even include the normal "duties" of running a household alone. Things like breaking up fights, washing diapers, and putting on a complete 3-ring circus for the little man. You'd think I'd be asleep right now, but sleep doesn't come that easy at times like this.

Overall, it's been a good day. I let go of my journal today. It wasn't a good ridance, but it was time. It was a fabalous 3 1/2 years, but I see some things in me changing and it was time to move on. I'm actually enjoying it over here. Right now especially, since few know about this yet, I'm enjoying talking to myself. And, I'm excited about sharing the simple things - the things that make my day, my life.


Annette said...

I pronounce "coupons" with a long "u". Is that hick? ;-P

That meal co-op sounds cool! I hope you get some yummy dishes.

Mandy said...

yes, i think that is hick. :)

the meal co-op was cool! so far, the enchiladas rock! and, i met some cool ladies too!