Friday, July 10, 2009

Dodge, Fireworks, Dog, Baseball, Tomato Plants & Bubble Baths [Photo Dump]

A few weeks ago, the five of us loaded up and got the hell out to Dodge, City that is, where Justin’s mom and stepdad are working right now. Other than the woes of traveling with a toddler, more specifically, Jaden, we had a great trip. Jaden particularly enjoyed dancing to the piano player down by Boot Hill. They had some cool actors there, but Jaden put on the best show!


Migc enjoyed the Sarsaparilla.


Kristen enjoyed watching Nana kiss Grandpa.


Before the kids left for Chicago, we fired off fireworks. We decided that will be our tradition, since they don’t get to do it in Chicago. Migc was loving it!


Kristen was scared and would stay about 2 1/2 feet away and bend over to light her fireworks. She eventually lightened up (no pun intended) a little and had fun too, but she prefers the non-explosives.


Jaden just wanted to get out there and stomp on all of them, which we eventually let him do, when they cooled down.


Justin was busy being HOTT through it all. :)


And because I just finished this and realized there aren’t any pictures of me. Happy 4th of July!


Josie is doing much better than she was when we first got her. She has no more bald spots. All of the bald spots now have new hair. The black skin is decreasing. She’s fattening up (dang, she eats a lot!), and her energy level is returning. Jaden looooooves his puppy dog. When he first wakes up, she is the first that he asks for. She’s so good with him too.


And, yes, Jaden is naked here. :)

I have to share this picture with you purely to show off my good looking son. I had to send him pictures of his baseball trophy since he wasn’t here for the awards ceremony.


And, our tomato plants are blooming! This is our first attempt at gardening. I started them off as seeds and we transplanted them Memorial Day. They have grown so much! We are so proud of them and go check on them at least 3 times a day. They have lots and lots of blooms and it looks like we might be getting a few tomatoes! I’m not sure, that one may have stunted growth, but it looks like the start of something to me!!! I’m so excited!




Lastly, Jaden had his first bubble bath last night and did not enjoy it at all! He wouldn’t touch the bubbles and after a few minutes, cried to get out. BTW, no, my bath tub isn’t dirty. It’s a very old tub and those are some crazy stains that no amount of scrubbing will remove.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Melt Your Mama

Migc wrote this in class at the end of the school year:

My mom is important to me. She be’s nice to me she is good at cooking. She is a mother to me. She help’s me win sombody stas the night cleing (cleaning). I help my mom play with my baby brother. Win it is Monday we eat mecsucen (Mexican) food. It is fun! Haging out with my mom. She reemines me to do things.