Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Beginning of Quiet Moments

I've been watching Fox News all night, beholding my future and the future of my children. I'm watching Barak Hussein Obama become the next President of the United States of America, wishing that Colin Powell had been the first black man to be President. I won't go into my misgivings, but I will tell you that just one minute ago, when the crowd erupted, I cried.

Maybe I will go into my feelings a bit more. I cry initially because I feel strongly, deeply that he is the wrong man. Then, I begin to cry realizing what this means for my children. A black man is President. To me, that is bigger than a woman becoming President. I honestly don't know that it will help race relations for the future. I almost feel as if he further divides us, but either way, it is remarkable. I pray ... for our future.

Unrelated to this, I'm on my second cup of tea and am feeling quite settled. Quite content. I've turned my focus lately. I'm taking better care of my home and it feels relaxing to walk around a clean, cozy home. I'm turning off the computer more, and gazing into books and the eyes of my children. I've broadened to social horizons and actually get out to spend time with new friends. I'm investing in others and myself. If only my youngest child were not quite so fussy, my life would be full of patient, quiet moments. But of course, he breaks those moments up with screaming. Even the quiet of the night, is broken up with screaming. He is his father's child.

I leave you with the highlight of the otherwise grueling day that yesterday held.

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