Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a Hippie

I don't know why I watch those baby stories on TLC. I don't know why.

OK, so she had gastric bypass and needed a c-section because of it. OK. I'll accept that. But after the baby is born, the baby is laid on the bed and the dad is there with a camera in her face, talking *about* her. The baby is screaming. I'm sitting here talking to the TV saying, "would someone pick that baby up??" "Don't talk about her. Talk *to* her!"

Scene breaks and they bring the baby (healthy baby) to the mom in a different room. The mom has had time to put more make-up on and fix her hair. She looks very nice as they hand her her baby for the first time and she doesn't seem at all disappointed that she is one of the last people to meet her own baby.

That is so irritating to me!

In fairness, she seems to be a great mom. She seems to have done a great job with her older son, but that birth experience is irritating to me!


Complete different note:

Want to hear a conversation in our house last night?

J: Have you heard about that drawing they're having here in Wichita right now?
M: No.
J: There are about 20 different places around the city where you can sign up to win $10,000 for Christmas presents.
M: Ah, that'd be cool.
J: Yeah, you should go sign up. The catch though is that you have to buy everything the day before Christmas.
M: Oh, I could do that!
J: Yeah, everyone would get electronics.
M: Ha! From China! (said disgustingly)
J: Yes, from China. (said matter-of-factly)
M: I just want cloth pads, wool hats for everyone and some wooden stacking cups for Jaden.
J: Wooden what?
M: Stacking cups.
J: Oh

Ha! Sometimes we can be so different! :)


And on to something else.

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend that I used to journal with. Right before Jaden was born, I posted my birth plan on my journal and she had lots of questions. She was genuinely interested. She is married but they aren't having babies just yet. From then on, she went on a mission to learn more about pregnancy and birth. Within a short amount of time, she was working on getting certified to be a doula and yesterday she emailed me to let me know that she has decided to become a midwife. How awesome is that! I know that lots of people have played their role in it, but I honored that some of her first searching came about because of me.

Then last week, an Army wife emailed me asking about cloth diapers. She expecting twins. Last night, I finally sat down and sent her a long email with a bunch of stuff and we've been emailing today. She is excited about cloth diapering, at least, part time and breastfeeding. I also got her excited about making her own laundry soap.

Justin thought it was funny that I was brainwashing people into my hippie ways. haha!

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Amber said...

hey..we have a military family that is going to our church and she is getting ready to have twins...bella and...oh i can't think of the little boys name...wouldn't be the same ppl would it?