Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Those Kids

Last week was Spring Break and I believe it was the best Spring Break we've ever had. In the past, they have been filled with traveling. This year, I decided not to go anywhere, but we stayed so busy and had such a good time. We went to the zoo, got Migc new glasses, had doctor's appointments, went to Cowtown, had friends stay the night and the kids stayed the night with their friends, got together with Justin's family twice, got together with Justin's friends, got together with Justin's uncle, rode 4-wheelers, bottle-fed a baby calf, made play dough and some other strange creations, went for walks, stayed up late, watched a movie, got the kids new bunk beds and spent lots and lots of time outside. Kristen kept saying it was the best Spring Break ever and that it was like they could just do whatever they wanted. I rarely said no to anything. It was lots of fun! We danced and played and played some more.

As much as I enjoyed every minute of it, I was ready to get back to normal. I was exhausted by Monday...and now both Migc and Kristen have nasty colds.

But some cute stuff:

Migc's class gets to go to the Y for swimming lessons. Parents can go and watch and I thought it would be fun to watch, so I told him I would go. Last night, when I went to pray with him, he told me that he didn't want me to go. :( Nooooooooooooo!! We talked about it again this morning and he told me that he thought it would be more fun if I didn't go. Mom is bummer!!! WHAT?? He always wants me to go on field trips and stuff at school. What is happening to my son???


And last night, I was downstairs knitting at about 11:45pm when I heard someone upstairs use the bathroom. I came up to go to bed at midnight and saw that Kristen's door was open and knew that it was her. I closed her door and headed to bed. I went to crawl in bed and saw that someone was laying in my spot. Upon further investigation, I learned it was Kristen. I thought she might have gotten sick or something. They never sleep in my bed, so I thought something must be wrong and no one came to get me. Justin was asleep beside her seemingly oblivious to her being there. I woke her and asked her why she was in my bed. Confused, she said, "Oh, I didn't know I was in your bed." "Are you ok?" I asked. She said she was, so I helped her to her bed. This morning, I told Justin about it and he thought it was funny too. He had no idea she even there. She still had no idea why she was there. It was cute!

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