Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Need somewhere to devote your prayers? This family could use them! http://thegledhillfamily.blogspot.com/ Be prepared to cry though. I fear losing a child!


I don't have anything exciting to write about. Life moves along as it does. How many times can I tell you how fun Jaden is? lol

I'm going to make some cookies today for our new neighbor. We haven't had a real neighbor next door since I've been here. We had a family for a few weeks that lived there, but that was just weird. This time, I think it's a real neighbor. I get excited about new neighbors. It always feels like new opportunities.

I've enjoyed my neighborhood so much. Walking the kids to and from school has given us the opportunity to meet nearly every neighbor between here and there. And the opportunity to reach out. It's a nice feeling. I enjoy them. I'm hoping that the new woman next door feels welcome here too.


This weekend, I was in Stillwater and while we were passing some time shopping at Ross Dress for Less, I heard my name. A friend that I've had since Kindergarten - that I haven't seen since the late 90s was there. I'm friends with her online and have talked about meeting up, but it has never happened. She lives near Stillwater. It was such an awesome surprise. She lived across the alley from me when I was in Kindergarten and even though life was often crazy for both of us, we always stayed friends. It was so good to see her!


I'm only going to mention this briefly. You may have noticed that my blog went away for a few days. I have decided that it will return to a public blog. If you want to stir up trouble, be my guest. If you don't like what I write, feel free to navigate away...or leave me a comment letting me know. I write on.


Bryner Family said...

I enjoy reading your blog, Mandy. :) I clicked on that link and cried my eyes out. Thanks a lot! :) Just kidding. One of my good friends from college is having a baby with that exact same heart condition some time this month and they know they'll have to go through the surgeries and possibly lose that baby soon after getting him. I can't imagine! I will be more grateful for my cute girls today!

Mandy said...

Brandi! I didn't know you had a blog. I've added it to my list. What a great read!

I cannot imagine going through that! How heartbreaking!