Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seeing Clearly

Today is going to be one of those days. It's the after-effects. I'm picking up the pieces, wondering what the picture will be like when I'm done. I'm thinking of taking up lj again. I need to unload.

I took Migc to the eye doctor yesterday. A week ago Sunday, he complained of seeing double. He does these things is such a way that you'd never think twice about it. I've learned to be super attentive when he mentions things because he says things when you'd least expect it and in a way that you'd think it were nothing.

I took him to the doctor last week and they did a very, small eye test on him and sent us to the eye doctor. Wow! It's crazy to see. The whole thing was very weird for me. You expect them to say, "No, he's fine. I don't know what he was talking about, but he's fine." In reality, you stand nearby watching a nurse hold up 1 finger and him tell her there are 2 and have no idea that he is wrong. You watch him not be able to read anything on lines that are no where near the bottom, actually only the 4th line on the chart! He couldn't even read everything on the 3rd line!

So, he got glasses. We go pick them up today. They look sharp, but the whole experience is so foreign to me! I've never continually been around eye glasses. I don't have them, my mom didn't get them until 40 and I'm not close to anyone that wears them all of the time.

His eyes also don't cross properly, so I have to do exercises with him every day to strength the muscles.

For now, he's kind of happy about having them. We'll see in a few weeks. :)

If I do start ljing again, I'll let you know here and will add those still on my list back. k?

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Christine said...

I want you back on LJ so much!!! I feel like my "old guard" hardly ever posts.