Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We've been not preventing pregnancy and hoping to get pregnant. Cycles have been normal for about 3 months now. We had hoped it would be before now, so that J would still be around, hopefully. But, to be honest, we haven't always been so sure we were up for it. Baby J was so difficult, we didn't know if we could handle it again, but we determined that God wouldn't have us to prevent it.

Now J is ready, super ready. Baby J is so fun now. He is ready to have another one. We decided a long time ago to let God work. We aren't actively trying or not trying. God knows the when and how. It's been hard though. After 3 months of negative results, we've been tempted to start charting. To us though, that isn't truly letting God work.

So, every month, we deal with the disappointment and wait for next month. Every month, our time is dwindling though. God knows so much better than we do!


Kim Peri said...

God bless you people who love babies! We just had to look at each other around here and we got pregnant immediately. But, I have a close friends who tried for 8 months before she got pregnant with her 3rd. is God's timing. Enjoy your time alone with J while you wait!

Mandy said...

I definitely didn't try for the 1st 2 and they were 13 months apart. Before baby J, we tried. As soon as we were married, before I moved here, we tried! As much as we could schedule it, we tried, but alas, it didn't happen until we got moved here. We were certain that God did it how He saw fit. Two weeks after we moved here, I got pregnant.

That has helped us this time. It's hard to figure out when the best time is...before, during or after. Though we definitely want it, it's hard to know the best time. God knows, so we're trusting in him! :)

Christine said...

I hope we are pregnant together!!!