Monday, March 9, 2009

More Cool Stuff the Boy Does

All of the sudden, they grow so much!

He now does the milk sign when he wants to nurse.

He claps when you say "patty cake".

He's standing alone better.

When he sees the cat, he has a specific high pitch sound that he makes, trying to imitate "kitty kitty".

He still *loves* the bath and insists on putting a finger in my mouth when he nurses - ugh to that!

AND...wait for it...he stayed in the nursery yesterday for an entire hour without me!!! That has never happened without wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Edited to Add: He also says "ba" for ball and any time there is music (via my phone, singing or the radio that he begs for most of the day), he breaks out in a dance. He's shameless too. He was breakin' it down at Long John Silvers yesterday!

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~* N *~ said...

So cute! Love the dancing bit. Yay for learning a new sign!