Friday, February 19, 2010

What a Day!

My body still hurts.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the kids’ school for picture day. This is the second time I’ve done it this year. The first one was hard work, but yesterday was even harder. Thirty weeks pregnant, walking with a purpose to a class, getting them lined up in height order, leading them down the hall, organizing their paperwork, dividing them into their given line, then heading to get the next class was much more tiring than it sounds like here. I did that for 24 classes and it took more than 5 hours. I had a ten minute break and never got a chance to eat.

I picked Jaden up from the neighbor, came home, sat on the couch and fell asleep for a few minutes until Jaden came to show me that he had written with a pen all over his hand. I could barely move my body hurt so bad. I don’t know how some women work on their on feet throughout their entire pregnancy.

Justin called with some awesome, life-changing news…that I’m not releasing yet. :)

I walked to pick up the kids from school, walked a neighbor girl home and sat outside to watch Jaden and a bunch of neighborhood kids play. That boy loves the mud!!! I sat at the neighbors how and chatted for a little bit until about 5:45pm when I decided to get the kids home to feed them. I walked outside and could hear Migc crying very loudly. I found him in a driveway across the street with a bloodied knee and lots of pain. I got him home, cleaned up and online with his dad at 6 (I forgot it was that day!). I gave him an ice pack and told him we’d see how it was when he got offline.

The kids all wanted to eat MREs. I know, it’s weird, but they like them. Justin brings them home sometimes and the kids like to pick their own meal and see what all other things are in the packages. I started getting all of that put together and hurting all the way. Jaden was into one thing after another and Justin was on his way home.

After Migc and Kristen got offline, I got them hooked up on their food, tried to defuse Jaden, started calling the doctor, then there were all of these really little things that just could not stay like they were, like peanuts that Jaden had thrown all over the living room and dining room that could not stay there, but my body hurt and there were 10 other similar things that needed done. I sucked it, and started on all of those little things.

Jaden normally bathes at 7. It was well after that before I got him in the bath. In the meantime, I’m paging the doctor every 15 minutes about Migc’s knee with no response. Justin gets home right as I’m getting Jaden out of the bath. I’ve managed to get a lot of things picked up but not everything. We were waaaaaay behind in the things that needed done. I was helping Kristen get her hair tied up so that it wouldn’t get wet while in the shower, while Jaden kept trying to grab a sleeve of crackers and fling it all over my room. Justin was trying to talk to me. I was keeping an ear open for the phone. Jaden did it once, I told him to wait. About 45 seconds later, he did again. I raised my voice at him. Justin got upset that I was raising my voice and took him from me and raised his voice at me and took off. I sat down and cried so hard for a good 15 minutes. I just couldn’t stop the tears.

Then I got up, still crying, and went back to work on all of the things that need done and continued to call the doctor. Justin played Wii with Jaden, then took him to read books before bed. I finally talked to the doctor and decided to take Migc in to the ER. Jaden went to bed and we left about 9pm. Two and a half hours later, he has a bruised knee and is fine.

I’m happy to have that day behind me. My body feels better but is still sore. Migc is still in bed. I need to finish this and go change the baby’s diaper.

Highlight of the story, very good, life-changing stuff is happening soon and my husband is really amazing for the sacrifices he makes, especially for children that are not even his own blood. He’s an amazing dad!!!!

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