Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Justin has worked this amazing schedule of being off work between 12:30 and 1:30 for over two years now. I’ve gotten so used to having him around. When they switched him to 2nd shift, I initially thought I might enjoy the extra time to get things done. I was wrong. I got less done. However, I did still get to see him for several hours in the morning.

Now he is on military orders, which he loves, but it’s a normal person’s work schedule and I’m jonesing for Justin time!!! I’m used to having a couple of hours every day without having to share him with the entire family.

Yesterday, I was in this weird kind of funk and I felt like it was because I was missing him, but it wasn’t until this morning when every time I’ve thought about him, I’ve choked back tears. Yes, I’m a crier. I’m emotional. I’m pregnant. I miss him though!

What in the world will I ever do if he gets deployed? We have friends that are just over their first month of deployment now and I’ve been seeing their interactions on facebook and it kills me. Seriously rips my heart out! I always thought I’d do ok. It would be hard, but I would do ok. Right now, I’m thinking I might die inside if we ever have to go through that!

Anyway, change is hard sometimes, even if it’s good change or not major change. I’m having to adjust myself to less Justin and it is hard!

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