Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Photo Dump

I’ve been negligent about posting any photos at all for a while and I know it keeps a blog interesting. I mean, who really wants to just read whatever dumb stuff I have to say. So, here we go, you get a *very* heavy photo update.

First, Kristen got to perform (dance) at the last ever Thunder Hockey game at the Kansas Coliseum. She had a blast and was such a natural! Here she is before we left the house and after she got all make-uped out.


Here she is in the spotlight. Do you see her, front and center. Yep, that’s my girl!


Justin and Jaden waiting on the game to start.


And here we have Kristen and Jaden do a little chill time together.


And we took the kids sledding last weekend. We took along a couple of their friends too. One of which had never been sledding before. Actually, we tubed because Wal-Mart was out of sleds and ours broke last year. Tubing is waaaaaay more fun than sledding. I only did it a few times because it was so fast and crazy, I was afraid I would flip it and hurt the baby. I can’t wait to do it next year though!

025 023

Jaden even went down all by himself. He loved it!


And we hit 28 weeks of pregnancy this week. Baby Kara is measuring right at 28 weeks and all is well. I have no real complaints. It’s been an easy pregnancy and I can’t believe that we have less than 12 weeks to go!

In this picture, Jaden was standing on a stool with me and was right below my belly and couldn’t see my face, so he was yelling “MAMA MAMA”.


And why does a girl pregnancy have to make your belly look so weird??? My belly was so cute with Jaden. This one is complete with love handles and hips. Why is that?


And here is the baby blanket that we picked up at the thrift store for Kara. I adore this blanket! It’s in perfect shape too!



Justin’s old man coat that fits his personality and style so well. He loves this coat! Oh there is a shot of my shocks in there too. This was all our thrift stores finds on Justin’s birthday (that I talk about a few posts down).


And his Frankoma cup


And a last one of Jaden showing off his smile. Sorry, Migc, you didn’t get an picture love on this download. Where were you???


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Ashley said...

the tubing looks like so much fun! i'm proud of kristen.