Monday, February 1, 2010

A Weekend of Bliss

Just over a week ago, Justin celebrated his 29th birthday. Just under a week ago, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

Justin’s dad and stepmom took all 3 kids Friday night and my mom and dad took all 3 kids Saturday night. I had never spent a night away from Jaden and Jaden had never spent a night away from home without us there. Justin was a little apprehensive, just worried about how Jaden would do. I told him that he would get over it and that we were going to enjoy ourselves. And we did!

Friday night went down like a normal Friday night. We watched some tv, played Super Mario Bros. and nothing else exciting. Well, we did go somewhere, I can’t remember where now, but I made him get me Sonic while we were out. Wahoo can we party while the kids are away! :)

He had no idea what was in store for the weekend and I pretended like it was nothing much. Saturday morning, we woke up. I told him to get dressed and get his shoes on. He asked if we could have coffee first. I said no. I drove (which he hated because he thought if I gave him directions he could figure it out) us to Douglas Ave and we visited this donut/coffee shop that he has wanted to go to for a long time, but just never had the opportunity. The Donut Whole was right up our alley. There were several things that we wanted to take home because it fit right in with our house, and the donuts were AMAZING!!! They have so many different kinds. Wow! They even do live music throughout the week. The coffee was great too! Ashley needs to sell cozies there!

After that we went home, showered and got ready for our day. We headed out to hit every single thrift store that Justin’s big heart desired. Trust me when I say that it isn’t just one or two. This man can thrift store shop all day long. We got some great things too! Let’s see, Justin got this old man’s coat that he adores, I got a pair of Nike shocks, Kara got the most amazing baby blanket EVER and Justin also got a cool Frankoma coffee cup – that ironically looks nothing like the ones shown on this website. That took the majority of the day and was heaven for Justin!

When we got home, I sent Justin downstairs to play on the Wii while I shopped for a few things and packed us an overnight bag. He had no clue what was going on. Again, I loaded him in the SUV and took him for a ride. The whole way, he kept trying to guess as to where we were going and what we were doing. Even when we pulled up to the Broadview Hotel, he thought we were eating there. I went in to ask for parking directions. I came out with key to the room that I’d already reserved. He was FLOORED! He was even more shocked when I pulled a small suitcase out of the back of the SUV and told him that I’d arranged for our dog to be cared for too.

This hotel was perfect for Justin! He has mentioned several times that he’d like to stay there. This hotel is built in 1922 and has lots of history. Just walking through the hallways, there are pictures of Wichita in the 1920s. Justin is a history buff and loves that kind of stuff. I got a big room on the top floor facing the city. He enjoyed spending much of his evening and the next morning staring out the window just looking at the city. He *loved* it and I loved how much he enjoyed it.

We ate dinner at the Whiskey Creek Steakhouse. The service and the food and not dealing with the baby was awesome!

We returned to our room and had a nice quiet evening in an amazing hotel room completely alone. It was the most amazing, refreshing weekend ever! We both thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it! It was the first time, ever, that we’ve had a weekend just to ourselves (without work and unbelievable stress) and it was heavenly and I’m looking forward to many, many more! And, the kids were awesome for their grandparents – all 3 of them! Yeah!

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This was so great to read. What a perfect weekend! You are a great wife to plan all that. I've been brewing up something similar but schedules are proving difficult.