Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flood of Emotions

I've decided not to talk about Jodi's murder or trial or anything pertaining to her here purely because some of those that read this didn't experience those first days and weeks with me, and would probably be left with a lot of questions. I just had a flood of emotions and want to write right now though.

It helps me process.

I've been following online, though I was only able to get the live video up for a few hours on Tuesday. I just watched yesterday's "wrap up" video though. I do ok with every single image and all of it, until I see her car on the back of that flatbed truck. When I see them pulling away with her car, it brings back that flood of emotions.

I remember sitting at my desk in Chicago, watching that originally video and just bawling and not wanting to believe it. Not wanting to believe that it had really happened and that was really her car. That was the most significant moment for me throughout all of it. And that image still makes me cry. I have yet to see it without crying.

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