Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Home

It looks like we will need to find Josie a new home. It seems that little Mr. Jaden is allergic to at least dogs, maybe cats too. He's been sick forever. He is always stuffy. I've mentioned it a couple of times at the doctor and no one really ever looked into it. Well, now he is down and about and climbing on Josie and rolling around dog dander all day long and he seems to have gotten worse. The doctor noticed it as soon as she saw his eyes and asked if we had animals. Nasal x-rays showed his nasal passageway is nearly completely blocked, which would lead to fussy baby and sleepless nights.

No doubt, Justin is very bummed right now. I feel terrible for him! How do you love animals as much as he does and have a son that can't do animals.

I've also been thinking about us moving back to Ark City. We're talking about it...well a little more than talking, ok. Today I was wondering what I might have gotten myself in to. I'm well, what you might call different. That's not a problem for me, but I'm so used to being different and living in places were I wasn't all that different or at least there were others around that were different too. Part of what attracts me to going back home is the idea of being around those back home. I worry that I might be setting myself up for disappointment. I'm an introvert. No matter where you put me, I'll still be an introvert. I'm also a homebirther, cloth diaperer, breastfeeder that uses breastmilk to cure a wide variety of ailments. My goal within the next 6 months to have a garden, a real organic garden. I love tea and alternative medicine. I wear my stocking cap regularly because I like to, not because I'm cold.

We watched Along Came Polly the other night on TV and Justin said, "there's you." I was like, "yeah, the me I wish I were." He said, "no, you don't understand. that's how I see you." Not the commitment part of Polly but the alternativeness of Polly. I've always wanted to be more and more like that and over the years keep getting closer and closer. Will moving back to AC be more of curse? Will I be a total outcast? Will I be that weird woman that lives over there? Or will I be that person that people really don't want to be friends with because she's so strange? Am I making too much of it?

I don't know. I guess we'll see, huh?

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