Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Children!

I have about 5 blog entries that have been strumming around in my head...and they are actually good entries but they are getting older by the minute; therefore, I will probably never write them. That's ok though.

Today, I want a baby. I go through this periodically. Call me crazy. I would not be disappointed to get pregnant again. Somedays, including today, Jaden is difficult and I think, "No way. No how." However, even on those days sometimes, I want to be pregnant again.

Today, I'm definitely ready to give it another go. *laughing* Of course, God is the one in control here because I can't even get pregnant yet. Eh, it will happen. When it happens, I will be very, very happy!

And 8 is great! Kristen had a sleepover with a friend Saturday night, so it was just Migc, Jaden and I. I think 8 is my favorite age so far. He's cool. He's still a kid, but he conversates well. He hangs out. He chills, yet still plays. He says thoughtful things. He's such a good kid. I enjoy 8 a whole lot!


Kim Peri said...

God Bless You! I am honestly amazed at women who desire large families and enjoy rearing children. I know many people who feel that way and in my idealogical world I feel that way, too....but in reality I can't seem to pull it together. One per each adult around here! AND - 8 sounds GREAT!

Annette said...

Yes, go ahead and have another. I've already decided that from now on I'm getting my baby fix through my friends rather than have more myself. ;-P

And I agree. Eight is a really fun age. But I'm also liking eighteen a lot as well. :)

Christine said...

You make good kids--definitely have more!!

Cait said...

ZOMG more children? You are a saint. :)

But I guess you should have one...Annette needs her fix!