Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I got nothin’.

We’re still working on the basement. We got carpet today. We still need to sand one wall, paint all walls and put up trim. It does feel good to have carpet though. Hopefully in a week or two at most, I’ll be able to live in my house again and begin to put things in their proper place.

We went from moving, to moving everything back in, to garage sale, to basement out of commission. I’m so ready to have my whole house back and figure out where everything goes again and to get organized again…before I lose my mind!

We have our next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I’m extremely eager for this appointment, mainly because though I am well into my 15th week, I’m not so sure that I’m feeling movement. I’ve always felt it by now, so I’m trying not to worry myself. According to my measurements, I’m measuring small too, which has never happened before either. So…I’m eager for Wednesday.

All the kids are great. Nothing there. Justin is great. Nothing there. Life is grand. Nothing there.

See, I got nothin’.

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