Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pregnancy Thoughts

I’m not feeling very pregnant right now. The first trimester of nauseousness and extreme tiredness has eased greatly and now I feel back to normal, except fat. My clothes don’t fit, but I don’t look pregnant at all, I look like my belly is a fat roll, and it probably is if I were to be honest about it. Its just when there isn’t a baby squishing it all into one place, it isn’t quite as noticeable. :)

But no nauseousness, not as much tiredness, no real movement, no real emotional roller coasters, am I really pregnant? This is the s l o w moving part of pregnancy. The part where you feel silly about being pregnant because no one can tell and there is nothing exciting to talk about.

I know, give a few weeks and I’ll be asking for sleep between movements.

We’ve maintained from day one that we want another boy. Kristen is girl enough for this house. Last night, we were talking with the babysitter about what we’re having and all of that, so it got me to thinking. I asked Justin in bed this morning what he *thinks* we’re really having. He said that he wants a boy, but he keeps feeling like it’s a girl. After my faux pas with Jaden, I’m done guessing, but if I were to guess, I’d guess a boy purely based on ovulation and all of that, but even that leaves quite a bit of a guessing game.

I’d love not to find out. Justin won’t even consider it though. He wants to know. He’s terrible with surprises. So, come December, I suppose we’ll know, in the meantime, we’ll keep hoping it’s a boy. :)


Christina Zimmerman said...

LOL..did you guys find out with Jaden? I don't remember! I hope "he" has lots of hair like Jaden was sooo cute! :D

Mandy said...

Yes, we did. I was 100% certain it was a girl and had everyone convinced too. We had the kids & Madison w/ us for the sonogram and it was a huge shocker when we found out it was a boy. So, I'm reluctant to be so certain again.

With Migc & Kristen, I was right on. I only had a boy name picked out for Migc & a girl name for Kristen. :)

Christine said...

You are crazy! I love having a girl!!!

I know what you mean about the slow part of the pregnancy. It's like the middle of a long book where there's no subplot and nothing happens for 100 pages...