Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wading Through

*Whew* I just completed a form for legal aid in Illinois. I will present it to the judge on Monday. I feel good about at least trying for it. I called the court house in Chicago today to see what I needed to do when I got there. I wasn’t sure if I needed to file an appearance or just show up or what. I wanted to make sure that I had some idea. The first lady that I spoke to was very nice and sweetly transferred me. The second lady that I talked to was typical Chicago public servant. She talked to me like I was dumb all the while telling me that she didn’t know, I’d have to ask the judge or someone else. Then she hung up.

I did find out today though that defending yourself in Wichita is difficult. Courts here are much more strict and don’t like to even see you if you don’t have an attorney. I spent more time than I’d ever care to tell you about in Judge Bender’s court room in Chicago and mostly, I saw people defending themselves and he never batted an eye at them. He treated them so well! I’m not nervous about defending myself before Judge Bender. He will give me a good shot at this, but will let me know if I cannot proceed without counsel. I trust him. I also trust Him.


Today, we had our 24-week baby check-up. Heart rate was 150. I measured 25, which isn’t as big as I normally am, but it’s good nonetheless. All was well and no one has any concerns. I will get to have another sonogram. *Get* ha! I’m not really sure that I want one but oh well. We’ll see if she is in fact a she…hopefully. :) That won’t happen until around 30+ weeks though. Apparently, my placenta is 2cm from the cervix, which isn’t terrible my any means but could be concern if it doesn’t rise. I’m trusting all will be fine. The other option would be a c-section, which to a natural-or-bust Mama is like a death sentence!!!


There is other cool stuff that’s happening right now, but I don’t want to jump the gun or put too much out there for the world to know until we know everything for sure.

Prayer! I feel very drawn to prayer these days!


Christina Zimmerman said...

Glad to hear everything went well with your Dr. Appointment...sooooo...are we hoping for a girl now???? lol. :) Zach mentioned you got to see those elf dances I made up...weren't they so funny? hehe
Praying for your trip to Chicago!

Mandy said...

Ha! I guess I worded that hopefully wrong huh? I meant hopefully, we'll find out. Really, at this point, I don't even care what it is. Justin is still stressing about boy or girl. I'm not. I'll know the day he/she is born. :)

I did see it & it was awesome! I loved it!

Hey, you might mention to Zach to try to encourage Justin a little. He's having a REALLY hard time with this new transition. The future is promising...a major change is coming which you may already know about but I'm not putting it here yet. It's just helping him make it that long.

Thanks for the prayers!

Ashley said...

i will be praying for no c-section!!

Heather said...

Praying for no c-section. But as a momma who had to have one & was terrified I did discover that is wasn't as bad as I thought. I was pleasntly surprised. Recovery is different but nothing you can't handle and a healthy baby & mommy is the MOST important. All that said, I know your heart is to go natural and I am praying you are able to do that!