Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Wanna Go

You know that I struggle with wanting to move to back to Ark City or stay here. We've left it up to God, completely, but some days I sway one way more than another.

Two weeks ago, we were getting nonstop showings on the house. It was hard! I was frustrated and finally, one morning, after getting notice of two showings in one day and having had several for several days before that and having my own things I needed to do at home, etc., I got down on my knees and prayed. My prayer was basically this, "God, I want Your will. I can't handle all of these showings. Please, either sell the house or stop showing." Since that day, we've had 1 showing. Now, I won't say that it's not the will of God for us to move because the house will still be on the market for 3 more months, so maybe it's just not the time, but I'm not missing the showings at all!

I'm ready to move our stuff back into our house. I'm ready to make it my home again. The kids have become such good friends with the neighbor kids. Everyone was outside last night, chatting with each other and doing yard work, and just enjoying our neighborhood. We're making roots here and I dread pulling them up and having to start over. It's such a tough call though. I love my home. I love my neighborhood. I love it here. Today, I want to stay. Today, I want this to be my home again.

Tomorrow, I may long for Ark City and the smallness and the family.

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Melody said...

Seeing God's will can be the most difficult thing ever!! So many people I know (ourselves included) are going through the exact same thing. I pray the Lord shows you His will for your family!! ((hugs))