Monday, April 12, 2010

Pregnant Forever

This time last week, she felt so low and I felt so ready. I wasn’t sure I would make it through the week.

Right now, and really for the past several days, I feel like I’m about 32 weeks pregnant and could just keep going. It doesn’t feel near at all.

We are jokingly (kind of) shooting for Wednesday the 14th or Thursday the 22nd. The 14th is the anniversary of our first date and the 22nd is Earth Day. Either one would be cool. Of course, it has to be an even day. I’m weird about that. I like even birthdays. I think because mine is even. Migc’s is 100% even. Kristen’s is completely odd. Jaden’s is odd except for the year. Kara has the month and year even, so she needs to finish it out with an even numbered day too. I know, I’m weird.

We have decided to go back to the hospital that we had Jaden at instead of the birth center. I toured the birth center last week and really it looked like the birth room at the other place, just a little bigger, and it’s where you stay post partum too. We really liked the post partum rooms at the other place. They had queen-sized beds and entertainment center and there was no hospital looking stuff in there. Even the baby bed thing was off in the corner. At the birth center, Kara and I would be sleeping in the same bed that I delivered in and Justin would be sleeping on a couch. The attached “family room” was a tiny waiting room separated by a curtain. All of the hospital monitors and baby warmer and everything is still right there. That is not homey at all!

As for the actual birth, the last place was awesome and gave me no issues at all. I loved my nurse and am praying she’s there again! She had never seen a birth like mine but was 100% supportive.

As for what happens when labor starts, we have a couple of plans.

One is this: Early labor starts. Justin and Mandy gather things and children and drive to Wichita. We rent a room (or 2) at the a hotel. Mandy's mom will be there right away to help tend to Migc, Kristen and Jaden. Justin and Mandy will enjoy an easy, comfortable, nice time of early labor. Everyone is invited to come to the hotel at any time during this time. We hope to have some finger foods and hang out and maybe do a little swimming at the pool. When labor heats up, Justin, Mandy, Madison and Kristen will head to the hospital while the others continue to hang out at the hotel. Upon Kara's arrival, a call will be made to the hotel room and the rest of the family will come to join us in welcoming her. Mandy's mom will return to the hotel with Migc, Kristen and Jaden until we are released from the hospital.

The other is a little more interesting. My 4th grade teacher and friend emailed me a while back and asked if I’d thought about delivering here if there isn’t time to get to Wichita. At the time, I thought, eh, it’ll be fine because all 3 labors have been nearly identical and resemble the above a lot. She pointed out “what if my water broke”. Again, I thought, “no biggie”. Then I really thought about it and it started freaking me out! My first labor, my water broke and active labor started. He was born 2 1/2 hours later. For a first time natural labor, that is extremely quick. With my second, it broke while I was pushing and she was born with the next contraction. With the third, there was a sudden and uncontrollable urge to push and water and baby came together. it made me think that I certainly would not make it to gather the children and get to Wichita if my water were to spontaneously break. I probably would not even make it to the hospital here. So, I have shoe strings, scissors, towels and a bulb syringe. I will deliver here by myself (sounds crazy but I can do it! I know I can.) and will call paramedics immediately.

Honestly, neither scenario scares. I’d be perfectly fine if scenario 2 happened. It might actually be nicer than driving to Wichita. :)

Now, if I deliver in the car that will just suck! I’m not looking forward to that at all! Praying that scenario doesn’t happen!

OK, off to clean the boys’ room. I’m stalling.


Kim Peri said...

My water broke and 17 hours later, they cut the baby out of Kel is almost 6 and I am sure I am still suffering from postpartum depression. :-) I don't think I am a "NATURAL" in ANY way in regards to birth OR motherhood. BUT ~ I am positive you can handle anything that comes your way....and relish the whole experience. Amazing WOMAN. ;-)

CNH said...

Yeah, you can do scenario two. I PLANNED my fourth birth that way. But dude, then *I* won't make it and we all know I'm the most important part. ;) Hoping Kara makes it on EARTH DAY!