Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

He was born with a lot of jet black hair and a big purple head.

By one month, he was a chunk. He still had that black hair and has *always* had that smile that makes a mama's heart melt, but those fat rolls only came by lots and lots of mama milk.

At 2 months, he was strong and had very, very healthy lungs. By this time, colic was an all day every day thing!

3 months, he grew and grew.

At 4 months, this long-face baby was still very, very difficult.

I believe his love of balls began at 5 months. Nothing like football season! His hair is definitely not jet black any more.

Due to a dreaded nursing strike, we began solids at 6 months.

Then, at 7 months, we learned that Jaden was Mr. Fussypants because he was allergic to our dog. We took the heartbreaking step of giving Josie away, and began the journey of getting Jaden well.

At 8 months, we were at our wits end trying to get this child to sleep. We had gone, by this time, 4 months without adequate sleep and we were worn out. Thanks to an amazing doctor, we mastered sleep...or came as close as we will probably ever be.

He was still rolly polly and Mr. Fussypants at 9 months. This child has been a difficult one! He sure is cute though!!!
There are balls everywhere, Jaden!!! Wow! Is he really 10 months already?
He still has that smile that melts a mama's heart at 11 months!
And...he loves to play outside, even with the worms!

But, today, my blond-haired, blue-eyed, busy, smiley, smart, crazy boy turned one! We celebrated with a hair cut, a lollipop and a pony ride!
I love you, baby!


~* N *~ said...

Wow, I can not believe he is already 1 year old! That went by fast.

Happy birthday to your sweetheart!

BTW, where did he get his first haircut? The mural in the back is cute. :D

Mandy said...

We got it cut at The Hair & Shampoo Center. It's way north on Woodlawn - passed K96. It has a section that is *very* kid friendly. He sat on a frog and they had Happy Feet on the tv right in front of him. She was QUICK too! It took her less than 10 minutes and he was crying the whole time.

Ashley said...

happy birthday jaden! i forgot his hair was so dark in the beginning.

Mel said...

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Your baby is simply beautiful with his huge eyes!